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Elton John Wants To Hear Better Songs

Sir Elton John wishes people would write better songs.

The veteran hitmaker says he is a big fan of Stormzy and Kendrick Lamar but claims there is a lot of music in the charts that he can't sing.

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The 71-year-old, who earlier this year announced he was retiring from touring with a 300-date, three-year tour, said he thought those who "write the real songs are going to have the biggest future" in an interview with the BBC.

"I just wish people would write better songs," he said.

"The real artists ... are doing it the right way because they are going out and playing live and getting a huge following by playing live shows. And you don't really see them on social media very much.

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"When you listen to even the cheesiest songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, they are songs.

"There are a lot of songs in the charts that can't sing, it's just a beat. Someone like Stormzy can actually do that, with Blinded By Your Grace Part 2, he sings on it so beautiful.

"He's got it all, he's got the ability to do the grime ... and he's also got the ability to use his voice and do something really beautiful. That's what I love. So has Kendrick (Lamar), I like the combination of the fabulous bit of rap and the song coming in."


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