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Britney Spears Hits Back At Lip Sync Claims…By Doing WHAT?

Britney Spears said this week claims she entirely lip syncs pisses her off. So she decided by get revenge by singing live!

The Princess of Pop said "nobody ever gives [her] credit" for busting her ass on stage.

Her interview prompted fuss around the blogosphere, so Brit decided to let a brief moment during her recent show in Singapore serve as a reaction to all the headlines.

On Friday night (June 30), Spears decided to send some love to her bodyguard Jacob for his birthday in one truly remarkable way. "I have a really special friend tonight. He’s been with me — I’m gonna cry — for like five years," she told the crowd. "He’s one of my favorite people. His name is Jacob. Everyone, let's sing happy birthday!"

#britneyspears sings happy birthday #pieceofme #singapore

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From there on, the pop titan made a cheeky nod to all the controversy by singing happy birthday to her her teammate, prompting the Singapore audience to record the incident and inevitably take it to the Internet.

Omg! Britney's singing happy birthday!!!! #britneyspears #liveinconcert

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This, my friends, was done to prove a point and, boy, does her lower register sound good. Now, revel in Britney, the vocalist, and pray that she does it more often!

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