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ABBA Manager Dashes Tour Rumours

Abba's manager has dashed any hopes of the legendary Swedish pop group mounting their first tour since 1979.

The group's unexpected announcement last week that they had reformed to record two songs had no mention of a tour beyond the virtual one scheduled for next year, but rumours and anticipation for one began to build.

Their rep Gorel Hanser made it clear on Monday there would be no tour by the group -- Benny Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Bjorn Ulvaeus, three of whom are in their 70s.

"No -- definitely not," Hanser, the group's manager and spokesperson, told the UK's Mirror. "We should remember them how they were in the 1970s, and listen to how they sing today."

One of the new songs will be unveiled in a forthcoming two-hour BBC documentary in December, followed by a tour featuring holograms of the group, dubbed ABBAtars.

Hanser added that the quartet had been "happily surprised" by the reaction to their announcement of new songs. "Everyone is so joyful," she added. "It was great to spread a happy word in the world right now. They are happily surprised, all four of them."

She described the group's new ballad, I Still Have Faith in You, to the paper as "melancholic", while the second song, Don't Shut Me Down, is "up tempo" but not dance music.

Hanser, who worked with longtime Abba manager and publisher Stig Anderson beginning in 1969, also told TT News Agency that hearing the four record the two new songs was "just like in the ABBA days".

"It was the same wonderful chemistry. It was as if time had stood still," she said. "Everyone got into their role and sang, and sang and sang."

The last known time the group had performed together was in 1999, at Hanser's 50th birthday party.

In June of 2016, lead singers Faltskog and Lyngstad gave a brief performance of the group's 1979 song The Way Old Friends Do at a party in Stockholm commemorating the first meeting of songwriters Anderson and Ulvaeus, although the latter two did not join them.


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